Let’s start at the beginning

So where do I start? I am a guy who has spent much of my life working in the tech industry in some capacity or another. Along the way, I have developed a variety of interests some of which are passions and some of which are not.craigwine

Hence the title of my blog and theme for my website www.cdkphoto.com is  “photography, wine, food, fast computers and a NAS” – Not Necessarily in that Order. Over the years I have always been a techie, into creating and maintaining the latest computing systems, but I have also stopped along the way to cultivate a great appreciation for Fine Wine, Fine Food and taking Fine Photographs. My interest in photography I should credit to my beautiful wife, Elle. Her passion and creativity as a photographer inspires me to work a little harder at things that do not come as naturally to me as they do to her.

Going forward I hope to post articles on all these topics, hopefully allowing readers to enjoy a variety of great stories and anecdotes.